MKey™ Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is provided by AB Mobile Solutions Alliance India Pvt. Ltd (“MSAI”) and applies to MKey™. It may be helpful for you to understand what kind of data we collect and how we use it. To provide you with a better experience, we collect data anonymously on the performance of MKey™. We take your privacy and data security seriously. We put forth a lot of effort to keep the data that we collect as safe as possible and use it in a proper way.

1) Data and Usage

  • Here is some information about what kind of data we collect or record.
  • Data that we collect or record:
  • We may collect information concerning your device type information (e.g. IMEI, MAC, Android ID, device manufacture, device model, screen resolution), so that we can provide. you a product more suitable with your phone by activating each mobile device. Such activation information may be uploaded to the server.

2) Data that we do not collect:

  • We will not collect or record any personal data with which or how you interact with MKey™ at all.

3) Data Transfer, storage and Disclosure

  • Transfer
    All data transferred by us between your device and our servers is encrypted.
  • Storage
    All MKey™ anonymous user data stored is fully encrypted and governed by applicable privacy protection laws.
  • Disclosure
    We will not disclose your personal information or any other data that we collected or recorded to any third party unless you have consented to such disclosure or where we are required to do so by law.

4) Access and Usage

  • We may need a network access to detect whether your device is online and what kind of network is connected. In an online situation, a version test is preformed to detect whether it is the latest version.

5) Policy Changes

  • Changes in this policy will be posted on our Websites. You are advised to check our Websites regularly to view our most recent privacy policy. Your continued use of the MKey™ after we post the revised Privacy Policy constitutes your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.